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beginning to think about. Because of our marketing background we recognised the potential of the internet for our customers very early. In fact we were the very first company in South Yorkshire to procure grants for web design for our customers.

The company continued in Thorne until we purchased our own building in Moorends early in the "naughties". We provided the same close personal service, creative design and competitive prices (due to low overheads) as we do today.

We have watched many companies in our market come and go over the years. We have always believed that our success lies in the fact that we want to work with our customers for many years into the future and therefore treat them accordingly. We hope you might become one of them.


IPM Design and Marketing

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IPM Design and Marketing actually started on Black Wednesday in 1992 as a merger of Thorne based Atlas Print and The Marketing Company in Doncaster, which was run by IPM managing director Ken Melton since 1987. An undoubtedly auspicious day to start a business, one which meant our carefully crafted business plan with accompanying cash flow forecasts was quickly resigned to the bin!

However we knew we had a clear precise view of our market plus the talent and equipment needed to create the print products and design and marketing services our clients required so a new plan was quickly implemented. We recruited John Ingram as chief designer and illustrator from the top advertising agency in the area completing the I in IPM.

At this time, the internet was just beginning to grow and websites were something businesses were

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