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Polydon Industries Ltd

Why do we show this, well firstly the brief was a common one. Our existing customers are closing down, changing etc. We need to improve our appearance in the market and obtain new customers and new markets.

The second reason we decided to show this range of brochures and designs, it over 10 years old and still looks fresh and current. They still work because good design stands the passing of time better than a fashion statement. The brochures and leaflets supply flexibility and economics.

Yorkshire labels

One of the biggest problems small companies have is packaging combined with low volumes, not good bed mates!. The labels here need to be attractive to the consumer, stand out in the retail environment but, and it's a big but, be cost effective.

We designed print runs to match sales volumes and produced economic solutions. We can do it for your company, might not be the same solutions but we will have ideas.

Goodfellows Travel

What, just showing one boring item! We actually do their travel brochure as well, but the point here is that they had a problem with torn, lost luggage labels causing their customers and their drivers problems. We designed and produce a simple water proof, rip resistant label easily attached and which any one can write on. A simple, cheap effective solution to a customer's problem from a material they never knew existed.

Green Earth Paint Chart

This job is quite unique, a small paint company wanted a colour accurate chart out of the 4 process colours. It is not possible to match paint colour out off the pantone range let alone out of cmyk mixes. We therefore altered each colour mix in 1% steps manually, proofing on our colour accurate digital press until we achieved the desired colour. The result was then printed on the state of the art Heidleberg press. The result an accurate colour chart without the expense of dozens of spot colours , a massive reduction in cost compare to the normal methods.

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